Bill Erickson

Bill EricksonBill Erickson calls Cherokee County, Oklahoma home but the truth is, he is a first generation, genuine, California Okie, a progeny of a Swedish immigrant and Leflore County, Oklahoma native. Born in Sacramento in 1952, he was brought "home" to Oklahoma in 1956. His folks, along with characters throughout his life, give impression of the genius in his lyrics.

Toying with songwriting for several years before taking it seriously, Erickson's talent may have remained dormant had it not been for the early influence of friends, Bill Tomasik and Randy Crouch, along with fellow Oklahoma songwriters, Tom Skinner and Bob Childers. But, according to Erickson, "Mr. Will Rogers was the master of words that touched hearts of the rich and poor, not only at home but across the world."

Erickson is noted for his ability to master the pen with a haunting technique which mesmerizes his audiences. Facts, along with his imagination, have lead to a forte of true-grit stories put to music. His songs range from simple expressions of emotion to ballads that tell stories about actual people, while keeping history alive and meaningful by writing storytelling bits of Oklahoma history. Blood Mixed With the Dust tells of Audie Murphy, Jim Thorpe, Woody Guthrie, and Mickey Mantle - real life heroes. Erickson's lyrics are sobering in Kosoma, a ghost town brought back to life with love, hatred and death. He writes of a man who relives a childhood memory of a Saturday trip with daddy and grandpa to The Feed Store, to a simple love song of a farm couple in Webb's Jewel.

Songs of Erickson's reflect the rising influence of keeping folk music and the American West alive. He hints of moral weakness and virtue with a technique of revealing the emotions of the subjects he writes about. Folks enjoy hit "tale tales" and "yarns" that feature humor and exaggeration.

Current credits include authoring The Feeling that Makes Us Roam, recorded on Binky Recording Artist Tom Skinner's latest CD, Natural. He also co-wrote South of Muskogee Town, with Greg Jacobs, another fellow Oklahoman and Binky Recording Artist.

In 2002 Bill Erickson released Kosoma, a career masterpiece produced by fellow Binky artist Mike West. As always, Bill Erickson avoids the limelight. He continues playing gigs in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas as well as writing songs. One of his tunes, Nobody Knows, was included on the gospel CD Dirt & Spirit by The Great Divide and Friends (check it out at Another was covered by Texas superstar Pat Green when he included Count Your Blessings on his major label debut Three Days.

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